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eBook - 50 Valuabke Tips For Off Roading!

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Off road driving can take several forms. From the weekend trail rider to the die hard rock crawler, off roaders the world over know that there are few better ways to get a thrill than taking total control of your Jeep or truck as you take it places most people never knew they could go. Let’s take a brief look at some of the places you might find yourself when you decide to leave the pavement behind, keeping in mind that this is just an introduction on how to off road and is by no means all you need to know when hitting the trail. Remember, the most important elements of a successful off road adventure are safety and preparation.

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Five Stars

A good place for the beginner off road rider to start.

very useful

Clear practical guide for real off-road riding skills. Although I am not as good yet it has a good breakdown of the skills and is a quite motivational as well.

Nat Huggins
A must read

Even if you are an experienced off road rider this book will probably tell you something you don't know. Well illustrated and organized so that even a beginner can follow it, Mr. La Plante has written a must have future classic. This will be my "go to" book that travels with me.

Five Stars

Fantastic book to teach young riders the proper way and safe way.

A comprehensive resource

Excellent descriptions and photos of foundation techniques through to advanced skills. For beginners or veterans, there's something to learn for all level riders. Highly recommended.

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Don't go in dry...

Went on easy..used soapy water and it went on nice and easy. You can also go in dry... but that's never a good idea..

I messed it up pretty badly to the point where it was unfixable. I thought I wasted my money but I email xplore offroad and they were amazing. Sent me out a replacement set within 2 days!! Did not expect that, thanks again. :)

Everyone will ask you where you got it!

CAUTION: Once you apply this to your truck, be prepared to tell bout 5 - 10 people a day where you got it!! A real eye catcher.. I tell them Xplore Offroad makes them, very high quality so check them out.


Bough as a gift for my husband... boy was he happy when I showed him the photos. He's waiting till the weekend to apply it.. so stoked!

Watched the YouTube video that came with the kit, application was relativly easy. Took about 30 minutes with my wife helping. Included everything we needed! A+ A+ A+