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2019 Ford F-150 Limited New Features We are foreseeing a fall release for the 2019 Ford F-150 Raptor, however at this point we have incredible news for drivers that long for the Raptor's superior motor enclosed by world class extravagance. A standout amongst the most mouth-watering of the 2019 Ford F-150 Limited new highlights will be the expansion of the Raptor's world class V-6 EcoBoost motor to the effectively bleeding edge innovation points of interest of this top trim. 2019 F-150 Limited Powertrain The F-150 Limited previously offered top tier torque, yet it's increasing its amusement for 2019. Rather than the...

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The world of off-roading is a long and winding path of adventures, filled with adrenaline fueled fun and complex strategies of overcoming the obstacles ahead. With the ever changing barriers and hindrances of offroading, these strategies need to adapt throughout the many trails you take and within these trails themselves. If you've found yourself on a particularily hard trail with many obstacles, you weren't heavily prepared for, you might have experienced that your strategies don't always work out as planned and that you're lacking the right tools for the job. Whether you failed and rolled over or miraculously made it...

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Don't go in dry...

Went on easy..used soapy water and it went on nice and easy. You can also go in dry... but that's never a good idea..

I messed it up pretty badly to the point where it was unfixable. I thought I wasted my money but I email xplore offroad and they were amazing. Sent me out a replacement set within 2 days!! Did not expect that, thanks again. :)

Everyone will ask you where you got it!

CAUTION: Once you apply this to your truck, be prepared to tell bout 5 - 10 people a day where you got it!! A real eye catcher.. I tell them Xplore Offroad makes them, very high quality so check them out.


Bough as a gift for my husband... boy was he happy when I showed him the photos. He's waiting till the weekend to apply it.. so stoked!

Watched the YouTube video that came with the kit, application was relativly easy. Took about 30 minutes with my wife helping. Included everything we needed! A+ A+ A+