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Event: The Overland Expo East Campground - XPLORE OFFROADⓇ

Event: The Overland Expo East Campground - XPLORE OFFROADⓇ


Overland Expo is a spot to discover fellow off-road enthusiasts. 

Downpour, mud, and cold temps aside, we had an incredible time at Overland Expo East 2018 in Asheville. It was our first time experimenting with a ton of our apparatus, calibrating our pressing rundown, becoming more acquainted with the overlanding network by outdoors with Overland Bound, and learning a ton at the sessions. We didn't spring for Overland Experience tickets and still wound up with a pressed timetable.

Despite the fact that we're generally new to overlanding, we aren't new to full-time, vehicle-based travel. We've really voyage full-time in a RV for over five years. Taking a gander at the Overland Expo calendar and going to the sessions a year ago, we understood we have information to impart to the network. We can discuss supporting full-time travel, chipping away at the street, and going with children.

So we connected to be speakers at Overland Expo West 2019, occurring May 17-19, 2019, in Flagstaff, AZ. Also, the forces that-be blessed our solicitation.

We'll be there. Will you?

Our Sessions at Overland Expo West 2019

Overland Expo East Session

Much to our dismay we'd give our own Expo introduction a half year later

While we've been asked not to uncover place/time data, we can share which sessions we're taking part in at Overland Expo West 2019.

We'll be showing up amid the occasion:

"Overlanding While Working Full-time… Is It Possible?" – This is our primary session, and we'll be facilitating it twice amid the end of the week. Spoiler alert: overlanding + all day work is conceivable. Be that as it may, there's no explanation behind you to reproduce the wheel, and we have over five years of rules and regulations to unveil.

"Provincial Q&A: Mexico and Central America" – This board is an undeniable one for us, since we as of late came back from a seven-week trip through the inside of Mexico.

"Overlanding With Kids Roundtable" – We're particularly amped up for the chance to take part in this roundtable. At Expo East a year ago, we found that the majority of the taking an interest families were low maintenance overlanders. While they had strong understanding to share, we anticipate offering tips dependent on our experience. Caspian (presently two) has been a full-time traveler since birth!

Overland Expo East Panel

Overland Expo board

We should Meet Up!

We need to have a casual meetup amid the current year's Expo West. We're supposing an after-supper get-together at our campground (Saturday?), where you BYOB and seat. Clearly we'll have our overlanding setup there (with resting two-year-old in the housetop tent) and will be glad to respond to questions.

Overland Expo East Campground 2018

We'll be somewhat increasingly sorted out at our campground this time

We're quite enthusiastic about no-motivation meetups. That is the place the well done occurs. Don't hesitate to fly in as your timetable permits, even just to state hello.

In case you're keen on an Expo meetup, if it's not too much trouble reach us so we can design in like manner and keep you refreshed.

We've had our heads down in our movements and session prep, so we'd love to know: what are you most amped up for with regards to Expo West?

In the event that despite everything you need tickets for Overland Expo West 2019, you can purchase your tickets now.

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Don't go in dry...

Went on easy..used soapy water and it went on nice and easy. You can also go in dry... but that's never a good idea..

I messed it up pretty badly to the point where it was unfixable. I thought I wasted my money but I email xplore offroad and they were amazing. Sent me out a replacement set within 2 days!! Did not expect that, thanks again. :)

Everyone will ask you where you got it!

CAUTION: Once you apply this to your truck, be prepared to tell bout 5 - 10 people a day where you got it!! A real eye catcher.. I tell them Xplore Offroad makes them, very high quality so check them out.


Bough as a gift for my husband... boy was he happy when I showed him the photos. He's waiting till the weekend to apply it.. so stoked!

Watched the YouTube video that came with the kit, application was relativly easy. Took about 30 minutes with my wife helping. Included everything we needed! A+ A+ A+