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6 Jaw Dropping Trails You Must Do Before You Die - XPLORE OFFROAD®

6 Jaw Dropping Trails You Must Do Before You Die - XPLORE OFFROAD®

The Best Off Road Trails The World Has To Offer

Are you a fan of off-road adventures? If that's the case, then your going to love our list of earths most exciting trails! 

Enjoy the fun, and excitement up for grabs from Europe, to South America, and even at home in the US. While some of these places are relatively unknown, others are popular spots. However, all guarantee you maximum satisfaction that you won't get in anywhere else.


Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route, Arizona

What better place to start than the famous Arizona route. As a state, Arizona is endowed with deserts and terrains that bring out the off-road adventurer in you. The renowned Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route is 750 miles long. The entire route travels from Arizona through the Mexican border, and finally to Utah. There lots of desert sands along the way, with plenty of historical sites to see. So, brace yourself for a sand-filled adventure.



Manali-Leh Highway, India

Do you like a high altitude off-road adventure, then the Manali-Len Highway is made for you. Stretching up to 490 kilometers, it provides a memorable journey that will test your driving skills.

Part of what gives this route its status is the magnificent view along the way. On the Manali-Len Highway, you are greeted with high mountains, snow-capped mountains, glacial melts, and much more. You might be tempted to stop on the way a couple of times to soak everything in and take a couple of pictures.



Canning Stock Route, Australia

No off-road adventure is complete without a visit to the land down under. You will never come across any route as isolated as the Canning Stock Route in the world. Measuring 1,130 miles in distance, the route takes you through the remote parts of Australia from Wiluna to Halls Creek.

Best enjoyed with a motorbike or a 4x4, the route tests your mantle as a driver as you travel through desert, rocks, and forests.



Sichuan-Tibet Highway

Measuring 1,330 miles, the Sichuan-Tibet Highway provides the perfect adventure that will satisfy your off-road appetite. This highway shouldn't be taken lightly as landslides and avalanches are a regular occurrence on it. Without mincing words, you have to be on your A-game to conquer this highway. Also, the elevation of the route means oxygen is a luxury. But despite the dangers, lots of people still take up the challenge. It has to be said that, ultimately the challenge the Sichuan-Tibet Highway offers makes it one of the best off-road adventure in the world.


White Rim Trail, Utah

The famous White Rim Trail takes you through the wonderful sandstone arches of Utah. What makes this trail stand out is the spectacular view it offers riders. Be amazed at the Indian ruins on display, enjoy the calmness of the Colorado River, and lots more. The total length of the trail is 100 miles.


Western Europe- France to Switzerland

To get the best out of this journey, kindly follow the main routes provided by the guide services. A memorable track to kick start your adventure is Calais, France. It will take you to the beautiful French Alps. The mountains will keep you company every step of the way. It promises to be fun as you ride from France to Switzerland through Spain.




Final thoughts

These routes are very likely to be life changing for many people and are sure to will bring out the off-road adventurer in all of us. But as you embark on your adventures, remember that safety comes first, and never compromise on it. 

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I messed it up pretty badly to the point where it was unfixable. I thought I wasted my money but I email xplore offroad and they were amazing. Sent me out a replacement set within 2 days!! Did not expect that, thanks again. :)

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Everyone will ask you where you got it!

CAUTION: Once you apply this to your truck, be prepared to tell bout 5 - 10 people a day where you got it!! A real eye catcher.. I tell them Xplore Offroad makes them, very high quality so check them out.

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Watched the YouTube video that came with the kit, application was relativly easy. Took about 30 minutes with my wife helping. Included everything we needed! A+ A+ A+